Gujarat Literature Festival

Vijay Rupani inaugurates Gujarat Literature Festival

Gujarat CM Shri Vijay Rupani on January 2, inaugurated the ?fth gujarat Literture Festival in Ahmedabad.

The Chief Minister, in his speech underlined that importance of preparing a language policy for Gujarati and to establish its pride of place. “The youth and children of today are detached fromt heir mother tongue. We must ensure to promote reading habit and increase.

the respect for Gujarati language among today’s youth”, said Shri Vijay Rupani.

He also praised the organizers ofl iterature festival to enrich the Gujarati language and literature by felicitating the upcoming writers and thinkers. “Their efforts will not gowaste and Gujarati language will establish its own place at global level,”state the Chief Ministe.

The literature festival was jointly organized by Gujarat Sahitya Academy and Gujarat University.

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