Green Tea, Rice Compounds Found To Reverse Alzheimer’s Symptoms In Mice: Study

According To a recent research, published in the journal Biological Chemistry, it was discovered that a diet containing chemicals found in carrots and green tea hastens Alzheimer’s-like symptoms in mice which are genetically engineered to develop the illness, an improvement that may one day pave the way for therapy of dementia in humans. The dose … Read more

Padma Lakshmi Appointed UNDP’s Goodwill Ambassador On Women’s Day

Indian-American television Character and Food specialist Padma Lakshmi was fabricated by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) as its latest Goodwill Ambassador, encouraging the agency’s struggle against inequality and discrimination across the world. In Her new character, the Emmy-nominated television character and award-winning writer will mobilise support to its Sustainable Development Goals with a concentration … Read more

NASA Captures Unprecedented Images of Supersonic Shockwaves

Shockwaves from two unmanned aircraftpart of its study into creating planes that could fly faster than sound without any thunderous”sonic booms”. Once an aircraft strikes threshold – around Armstrong Flight Research Center in California, two supersonic T-38 jets flew only 30 feet (nine meters) apart under the other airplane awaiting photograph them using an innovative, … Read more